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Effective orchard maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity and productivity of your fruit trees. At the core of this maintenance is the practice of pruning. Pruning not only helps maintain the shape and strength of the trees, it also promotes a higher yield of fruit and greater resistance to disease.

The best time for pruning is during the winter and spring months to encourage new growth. However, it can also be done in the summer to address overgrowth and misshapen branches.

Our take? The winter season comes with the added benefit of improved visibility thanks to fallen leaves, and the frozen ground also allows for easier access to orchard areas.

Whatever way of working you choose, you can trust our careful selection of pruning tools and professional orchard maintenance equipment to keep your orchard in top shape — all year round!

Pruning equipment for healthier orchards and happier owners!

If you're tired of the lengthy and tiring process of trimming fruit trees by hand, GreenTec's professional pruning tools have you covered. Our range of equipment can be mounted on vehicles such as loaders, tractors, and excavators for an efficient and hassle-free experience.

For orchards, we highly recommend our Quadsaw LRS series for pruning trees, as it delivers a smooth and uniform cut that reduces the risk of disease. Our saws are also compatible with small vehicles, enabling you to move easily through orchard rows.

Say goodbye to sweaty and exhausting pruning sessions and hello to efficient and convenient orchard maintenance with GreenTec.

Tree pruning equipment for greater control over your orchards

Mowing the growth beneath fruit trees is an essential activity to promote healthy soil conditions, eliminate pest problems, and support crop growth.

GreenTec provides reliable orchard mowing equipment that can be mounted on loaders, tractors, and excavators. Our specially designed mower automatically rotates around the trees, effectively handling grass growth underneath them.

Our equipment is also fitted with rubber protection that prevents damage to the fruit trees. This makes our mowers the ideal solution for maintaining the grass growth between orchard rows.

Ensure healthy and fruitful trees with professional orchard maintenance equipment designed by GreenTec, supplied by us.

Explore our range of hydraulic tree pruners, grass cutting equipment, and much more

Multi Carrier HXF 3302

The HXF 3302 is the largest model in the HXF series that fits on telescopic loaders, larger front loaders, skid steer and wheel loaders. The mounting of the machine only requires a few minutes of your time. All three carriers are designed with a manual switch from working position to transportation position.

Attachments that fit 3302

  • Quadsaw LRS 2402 and LRS 2002
  • Cutterbar HL 182-242
  • Cutterbar HX 170-270

Quadsaw LRS 4802

GreenTec LRS 4802 Quadsaw has an enormous capacity. The 4802 saw is a twinsaw with two 2402 saws stacked on top of each other. The saw gives you 15'9" working width and can cut 8" limbs at 2mph. It can be fitted to large excavators and boom loaders. The saw only requires 26.4 gpm with a max of 39.2 gpm. The twinsaw is the perfect tool for commercial and municipalities doing large projects such as railroad, pipeline & powerline right-a-ways.

  • Working Width: 15’9”
  • Blade Size: 24”
  • Weight: 1330 lbs

Barrier Mower RI 80

The GreenTec Barrier Mower is a perfect fence line mower that comes with an adjustable spring loaded arm to allow fluid motion around all types of posts. With multiple mounting brackets available, it can be adapted to about any vehicle with the required hydraulic flow. It is a must have for livestock farms with a lot of fence to maintain or for contractors and municipalities mowing around guard rails or solar panels.  

This fence line mower is ideal for landscape maintenance especially for mowing under fence lines, livestock gates, crash barriers, or around trees in your orchards.

  • Working Width: 31.5”
  • Number of Blades: 2
  • Weight: 132lbs

Quadsaw LRS 2402

The LRS 2402 Quadsaw is the most powerful saw in the quadsaw series. With an enormous capacity this quadsaw can cut branches up to 8" thick at speeds of 2-3mph. This quadsaw has a wide range of applications in multiple sectors such as farming, commercial, municipal and private. This saw can be mounted to tractors with front end loaders, skid steers and telehandlers with the 3302 HXF Multi Carrier or can be mounted to excavators and reach arms.

  • Working Width: 7’11”
  • Blade Size: 24”
  • Weight: 968lbs
  • Four 24” saw blades with carbide tipped teeth
  • Equipped with a skid shoe on the bottom to prevent saw running into ground

Quadsaw LRS 2002

The LRS 2002 Quadsaw was the first saw developed by GreenTec with 15 years of experience. GreenTec has been producing this saw over 20 years. The LRS 2002 leaves a perfect cut every time with a huge output capacity and is extremely efficient. This quadsaw can cut branches up to 6” thick at 2-3mph. The 2002 saw is used in agricultural, commercial, municipal, and private sectors and can be mounted on tractors with front end loaders, skid steers, telehandlers with the 3302 HXF Multi Carrier. It can also be mounted on mini excavators and reach arms.

  • Working Width: 6’7”
  • Blade Size: 20”
  • Weight: 878lbs
  • Four 20” saw blades with carbide tipped teeth
  • Equipped with a skid shoe on the bottom to prevent saw running into ground

Quadsaw LRS 1602

The Quadsaw LRS 1602 is extremely quiet in operation, capable of cutting branches up to 4 ½” thick. It is suitable for agriculture, residential and municipal areas. The Quadsaw LRS 1602 has a high capacity and all types of branches, even the thin ones, are left with a perfect cut. Can be mounted on tractors with front end loaders, skid steers, and telehandlers.

  • Working Width: 5’1”
  • Blade Size: 16”
  • Weight: 375lbs
  • Four 16” saw blades with carbide tipped teeth
  • Equipped with a skid shoe on the bottom to prevent saw running into ground

Multi carrier HXF 2802

GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF 2802 is an attachment frame for front end loader mount and can also be mounted on bigger skid steer loaders or the like. GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF offers great flexility as it enables you to mount attachment tools for different purposes, e.g. hedge cutting, fence trimming, guardrail mowing, and cleaning of sidewalks.

Attachments that fit 2802

  • Quadsaw LRS 1602
  • Cutterbar HL 152-242
  • Barrier Mower RI 80

Disc Mowers

Poettinger recently updated its disc mower line. New features include an upright parking stand on the smaller rear 3 point mounted disc mowers, LED light package, wide headstock option, and an aditional bump cylinder hill side folding.

The Poettinger disc mowers are the best in the world. Poettinger manufactures front and rear disc mowers that range in size from 7 ft to 37 ft. The mowers are available in non-conditioner, roller conditioner, and steel fixed tine conditioner. The cutter bar is the heart of the machine. Tri-drive or 3 tooth contact on the optimized gears is more than twice the contact of our nearest competitor. The Poettinger cutter bar requires 30% less horsepower than our nearest competitor! Quick change knives are standard on all mowers, allowing all the blades on a 33 ft mower to be changed in the matter of minutes with a simple tool carried on every machine.

Poettinger boasts "25% more on 25% less!"

  • 3D ground hugging in all crops
  • Vertical spring flotation for level cutting
  • Quick change knives
  • Min. of 50 HP
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Multi Carrier HXF 2302

The Multi Carrier HXF 2302 is particularly distinguished by its lightweight, compact and inexpensive design. A wide variety of tools can be attached to the Multi Carrier for hedge and windbreak maintenance as well as fence mowing and cleaning of sidewalks. The Multi Carrier and attachment tools are run from the hydraulic system of the vehicle.

Attachments that fit 2302

  • Quadsaw LRS 1402
  • Cutterbar HL 152
  • Barrier Mower RI 80
  • Weed Brush BR 70

Quadsaw LRS 1402

The LRS 1402 Quadsaw is the smallest saw in the GreenTec lineup. Its lightweight design makes it a great tool for small compact tractors with front end loaders, small skid steers, and small landscaping vehicles. Like the bigger saws the LRS 1402 leaves a clean cut on both thin twigs and thick branches just under 4" in diameter at 2-3mph.

  • Working Width: 4’7”
  • Blade Size: 12”
  • Weight: 350lbs
  • Four 12” saw blades with carbide tipped teeth
  • Equipped with a support wheel mounted on bottom to prevent saw running into ground

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