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Poettinger Terrasem Seeders PRODUCT LINE

Terrasem Mulch Seed Drills

Poettinger's Mulch Seed drill, the Terrasem V combines soil preparation, seed preparation, and seeding into one pass. A  compact disc harrow, ie Terradisc, takes care of the soil preparation, followed by a set of rubber tires for seed preparation, followed by 2 offset disc openers with a rubber closing wheel and tine harrow. The Terrasem V includes a hydraulic fan drive as well as metering wheels for precise seeding. The Terrasem V air seed drills range in working width from 10' to 30'. The drill has an option to be manufactured in a 5" or 7" row spacing.  The Terrasem V is perfect for small grains, alfalfa, grasses, wheat, cover crops, and even soybeans. These air-seeders maintain a 99% accuracy at speeds of 10 -12 MPH. This one-pass air seeder makes quick and efficient work of precision plating. This is a low-maintenance machine that can seed numerous crops. The machines are narrow transport for road travel. 

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