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Mowing Around Solar Panels Made Easy with RI 80 Barrier Mower

As solar farms become more popular there is a need for a machine to keep the weed and grass mowed underneath, that a normal mower cannot reach. It is necessary to regularly mow the areas in between the rows of solar panels, as well as underneath and around each individual panel, to ensure proper maintenance. GreenTec Barrier Mower is a solution that makes mowing around solar panels easier.

The best tool for mowing solar panel fields

The GreenTec Barrier Mower RI 80 has been the solution for many companies and municipalities in charge of mowing underneath and around solar panels. With an offset carrier and a spring-loaded arm, you can mow right up next to the post. The mower can be mounted on a skid steer for those tight turn around spots or a three-point of a small tractor.

New, quality equipment for maintaining your land

Barrier Mower RI 80

The GreenTec Barrier Mower is a perfect fence line mower that comes with an adjustable spring loaded arm to allow fluid motion around all types of posts. With multiple mounting brackets available, it can be adapted to about any vehicle with the required hydraulic flow. It is a must have for livestock farms with a lot of fence to maintain or for contractors and municipalities mowing around guard rails or solar panels.  

This fence line mower is ideal for landscape maintenance especially for mowing under fence lines, livestock gates, crash barriers, or around trees in your orchards.

  • Working Width: 31.5”
  • Number of Blades: 2
  • Weight: 132lbs

Agriculture maintenance made easy with GreenTec

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