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We are experiencing a lot of large tree limbs overhanging our crop fence lines. With a GreenTec Quadsaw can I safely cut back limbs without disturbing trees on other side of fence line?

Yes! The Quadsaw LRS 2402 gives you a perfectly clean cut on branches up to 8". Since GreenTec Quadsaws will leave a clean cut it will allow you to get a cut on limbs right up next to the fence line. GreenTec Quadsaws are the most cost-effective way to remove tree limbs from fence lines.

I own a landscaping company and we are spending a lot of time weeding eating underneath fences and around fence posts such as wood split rail fences, vinyl fences, t-post electric fences, etc. Would the Barrier Mower speed up the time we spend on weed eating?

Yes, it would! The Barrier Mower has a spring-loaded arm that makes it the perfect tool to mow around posts without damaging the mower or the post. You can manually adjust the spring to get just the right amount of tension depending on how sturdy the post is you’re mowing around. We have a customer that owns a horse farm that had hired 3 full time employees to weed eat around their pasture fence. They purchased a Barrier Mower RI 80 with a three-point mount and now spends less than 4hrs a week with one operator mowing around the pasture fence.

I am looking for a machine to maintain road right ways. I need something that can cut small brush to branches up to 6". I have a 80hp skid steer that I would like to use, which GreenTec machine would you recommend?

The GreenTec LRS 2002 Quadsaw with a 3302 Multi Carrier would be a great fit for your skid steer. We have mounted the 2002 Quadsaw to mini excavators, skid steers, tractors with loaders and telehandlers. The LRS 2002 can make a perfect cut on small brush and up to 8".

I’m looking for a way to maintain trails with a small compact John Deere Tractor with a front-end loader. Does GreenTec make a quadsaw that would fit my tractor?

Yes, they do! The Quadsaw LRS 1402 is made specifically for small compact tractors and skid steers that requires 15 g/pm hydraulic oil to insure the quadsaw operates correctly. Depending on what your handler comes standard equipped with, necessary parts can usually be pre-fabricated or bought for a small added cost. All four quadsaws in GreenTec’s lineup can be mounted to almost any tractor, telehandler, skid steer, excavator, etc.

I am currently using a New Holland bar rake or a New Holland wheel rake, and my windrows are uneven and inconsistent with clumping and roping of the forage. Will the Poettinger rotary rake solve this problem?

The answer is YES! We attached a 421 single rotor rake to Mike’s Kubota tractor. His hands on experience left him seeing perfect, uniform windrows. Mike also witnessed that he reduced his dry time by half a day due to perfect windrow created every time. Mike also claims that the baler is making a more consistent hay bale because of more consistent feeding into the baler.

I am raking wet forages as well as dry hay, my New Holland wheel rake just does not work on the wet hay. It balls up, clumps, and ropes the windrow. Will the Poettinger rotary rake make a uniform windrow?

The answer is Yes. No matter the moisture or density of the forage, our rotary rakes will produce a consistent uniform windrow.

My Citrex wheel rake is raking dirt and rocks in to my windrow, will a Poettinger rotary rake prevent this?

The answer is yes. The Poettinger rotary rakes allow for the cleanest forage possible. The pto driven rakes with the jockey wheel and walking tandem tires allow for the best ground tracking, therefore the tines of rake should rarely touch the ground while still picking up the finest of hay.

How does a Poettinger rotary rake compare to an oxbow merger?

Keith purchased a Poettinger 812 rotary rake and found that the rotary rake is more cost effective (less than half the cost of an Oxbow merger) and far less maintenance than a merger. As he is a custom hay operation this allowed him to pass savings on to his customers.

How does the Poettinger rotary rake work for raking corn stalks?

Absolutely Perfect. The rotary rakes pick up the stocks with little or no soil contamination leaving a very uniform windrow.

I need a large rake, does the twin rotor rake always have to put two rotors in to one windrow?

The answer is no. The Poettinger TOP 691 A Toptech Plus is our most popular rake. It is a side delivery rake where the rear rotor can be hydraulically moved to either side of the front rotor allowing the 23 ft of material to be put in to one larger windrow or two smaller windrows. The Top 691 A allows for the most flexibility in raking, for example in later cuttings, a full round can be made putting 46 ft into one windrow.

My current Sitrex hay tedder is windrowing the hay? My tedder is leaving skips or not picking up all of the hay?

The smaller diameter rotors standard on all of the Poettinger HIT T tedders assures clean pick-up and even spreading of the hay. The tedders also have wheel pitch adjustment so they can be adjusted for optimal working in heavy or light forages.

I buy a new hay tedder every 2 to 3 years, “why is that?

Hay tedders are a necessity, however, there are many different qualities of tedders being manufactured. Poettinger tedders are the best engineered in the industry. The dynatech rotor is standard on every size tedder guaranteeing long productivity and dependability. The components are the same on every size tedder Poettinger builds. Poettinger tedders will be on your farm for many years to come.

I am a custom operator and do a lot of road travel. How will the Poettinger tedders hold up?

The 6 through 12 rotor tedders all have larger transport tires and all fold to 9.5’ ft for transport. They can all be moved quickly and efficiently from field to field no matter the distance.

My Frontier tedder continues to throw my hay into the fence row or side ditch, therefore I have lost that hay. How can I solve that problem?

All of the Poettinger HIT T tedders have a fence-line option, some mechanical and some hydraulic. The fence-line option allows the hay to be tedded but keeps the hay in the field so that it can be raked, then baled.

"Poettinger boasts 25% more on 25% less!"

Ranging in size from 7 ft to 37 ft, Poettinger front and rear disc mowers are some of the very best in the world. The tri-drive (3-tooth) cutter bar is the heart of the Poettinger Disc Mower. It achieves more than twice the contact and requires 30% less horsepower than our nearest competitor.

Mowers are available in:

  • non-conditioner
  • roller conditioner
  • steel fixed tine conditioner

How fast can I mow with this machine and what type of forages will it handle?

The very first triple mower we sold answered these questions well. A customer named Keith purchased an X8 ED (a 28 ft steel fixed tine conditioner), which we mounted, front and rear, on his John Deere 7930. Keith found in a heavy first-cutting of alfalfa that he was mowing 4 mph faster and using only 60% of the fuel he was previously while covering an extra foot in width compared to his previous Claas mower. He finds this to hold true no matter what type of forage he is mowing down. A2: Another customer purchased an X8 roller conditioner. We mounted the front and rear mower on his John Deere 7280 R. He is a custom operator mowing for many large dairies. He mows crops such as wheatlage, sudan, triticale, oatlage, alfalfa, timothy, orchard grass, and pretty much any other forage that can be fed to dairy cows. He mows in the 15mph to 18 mph range allowing him to mow more than 30 acres per hour.

The advantage with Poettinger is that every machine is uniform. The cutter bar, and all the components that make up the cutter bar are the same in every mower, no matter the size.

Another customer was looking for 7 ft disc mower. He was mounting the mower on his 55 hp Oliver tractor. He tried a 7 ft vicon and a 7 ft Kubota mower. His tractor would not lift the mowers in to transport position. We sold him a Poettinger 265, which is a 8.5 ft mower. His tractor lifted our machine on idle. Randy also cannot believe how quiet the Poettinger mower runs on his open station tractor.

We currently use a Poettinger 3507 TRC, which is a 11.5 foot, center pivot trailed mower with roller conditioners. We pull the mower either with our John Deere 4000 or our International 1466 at 8 mph at 1450 rpms. The advantage to the center pivot mower is it is hydraulically pivoted to either side of the tractor making it similar to mowing hay like a zero turn mower in your yard.

The Poettinger Terradisc is a hi-speed compact disc, with disc sizes ranging from 10 ft to 33 ft working widths, as well as 4 different roller options available for the finish. Not only is the Terradisc extremely efficient, operating at up to 12 mph, but it’s the most versatile tillage machine we use on our family farm. No trash or residue left from spring or fall is too thick or too tall for the Poettinger Terradisc to break through, and it even runs efficiently at 1 to 5 inches deep.

Over the last five years of working with Poettinger Terradisc, we’ve garnered the experience and know-how to answer whatever question you have.

I am deep ripping in the fall. Will this machine get my soil levelled and worked into a seed bed as efficiently as my field cultivator in just one pass?

Yes. The Terradisc will level the field and produce a superior seedbed. The 33 ft Terradisc is operating at 2X the speed of your field cultivator, covering up to 48 acres per hour.

Weeds are out of control and some corn needs to be re-planted. My neighbors are taking 2-3 passes to get the weeds and poor stands of corn out. Will the Poettinger tear out 12” corn and 12” ragweed in one pass?

Yes. We attached a 6001T to a 300 hp John Deere and set the machine to 3 inches deep. In one pass the Poettinger tore out the weeds, as well as the poor standing corn, leaving a perfect seed bed.

Can I use the Terradisc on my corn stalk trash in the fall, then use it for the stale seedbed come spring?

Yes. Most customers have pulled the 6001T (20 ft) with their 300 horsepower John Deere or Case IH at 10 mph. When the ground conditions are right, the machine leaves a very nice seed bed for the next crop.

We are using vertical tillage or no till, but I am not moving soil and my trash is washing everywhere. I don’t want to go more than 2 inches deep. Will the Poettinger Terradisc perform better?

Yes. A customer used his 250 horsepower Caterpillar with a Case IH 330 turbo till, attached to our 5001T to his Cat tractor and set the machine to run 2 inches deep. The machine moved much more soil, incorporating the stalk trash and manure residue throughout the 2 inches. He saw very little washing of trash, if any. The seed bed was smooth and level with no ridging or wash boarding effect the following spring season.

How does the Poettinger compare to a Degelman Pro-Till or a Joker?

The Poettinger Terradisc competes well with these competitors. Many advantages Poettinger has include: larger disc, twin arm design, easier to set and adjust, narrow transport (under 10’ width). Poettinger is the only machine with a 2 year full warranty. 80% of the time this is a one-pass machine for tilling and creating that seed bed. It is the most efficient and most flexible tillage machine on our farm!

Can I use the Terradisc in the fall of year on my corn stalk trash and then in the spring plant in to that stale seed bed?

The answer YES! Most customers have pulled the 6001T (20 ft) with their 300 horsepower John Deere or Case IH at 10 mph and when the ground conditions are right, the machine is leaving a very nice seed bed for the next spring’s crop.

I am no till or vertical till, but I am not moving soil and my trash is washing everywhere, I don’t want to go more than 2 inches deep, will the Poettinger Terradisc perform better?

The answer YES! Had a customer using his Caterpiller 250 horsepower with a Case IH 330 turbo till, we attached a 5001T to his Cat tractor and set the machine to run 2 inches deep. The machine moved much more soil incorporating the stalk trash and manure residue throughout the 2 inches. He saw very very little washing of trash if any. He also noted that the next spring the seed bed was smooth and level with no ridging or wash boarding effect.

Will the Poettinger tear out 12 in corn and 12 in ragweed in one pass? See most of those guys were taking 2 to 3 passes to get the seed bed they wanted.

The answer is YES! We again attached a 6001T to a 300 hp John Deere and set the machine 3 inches deep and wow what a beautiful seed bed. In one pass the Poettiner is tearing out the weeds and poor standing corn leaving a perfect seed bed.