GreenTec carrier can be used for different attachments such as the quadsaw, the cutter bar, and the barrier mower. There are different size carriers depending on the attachment you wish to use. The Carriers are necessary for mounting on tractors with front-end loaders, skid steers and telehandlers, allowing an offset for the attachment. The Carrier has a mechanical adjustment from transport to working position.

Greentec Multi Carrier PRODUCT LINE

Multi Carrier HXF 3302

The HXF 3302 is the largest model in the HXF series that fits on telescopic loaders, larger front loaders, skid steer and wheel loaders. The mounting of the machine only requires a few minutes of your time. All three carriers are designed with a manual switch from working position to transportation position.

Attachments that fit 3302

  • Quadsaw LRS 2402 and LRS 2002
  • Cutterbar HL 182-242
  • Cutterbar HX 170-270

Multi carrier HXF 2802

GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF 2802 is an attachment frame for front end loader mount and can also be mounted on bigger skid steer loaders or the like. GreenTec Multi Carrier HXF offers great flexility as it enables you to mount attachment tools for different purposes, e.g. hedge cutting, fence trimming, guardrail mowing, and cleaning of sidewalks.

Attachments that fit 2802

  • Quadsaw LRS 1602
  • Cutterbar HL 152-242
  • Barrier Mower RI 80

Multi Carrier HXF 2302

The Multi Carrier HXF 2302 is particularly distinguished by its lightweight, compact and inexpensive design. A wide variety of tools can be attached to the Multi Carrier for hedge and windbreak maintenance as well as fence mowing and cleaning of sidewalks. The Multi Carrier and attachment tools are run from the hydraulic system of the vehicle.

Attachments that fit 2302

  • Quadsaw LRS 1402
  • Cutterbar HL 152
  • Barrier Mower RI 80
  • Weed Brush BR 70