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Poettinger Self Loading Wagon PRODUCT LINE

Self Loading Wagon

Poetinger manufactures the worlds number one loader wagon. Poettinger produces 58 different models of self loading wagons all with rotocut systems to handle numerous forages and various chopping lenghts.

NEW BOSS ALPIN Wagons are modern, light weight profile models delivering high output, reliability, convenience, and most of all efficiency. The Boss is designed to pick up windrowed forage, chop the forage from 3-8" lengths and unload into a bunk, pile, or row creating single pass efficiency. The Boss wagons are also being utilized for muck removal on horse farms. The Boss Alpin Self Loading Wagon allows one-time handling of muck from pick-up in the barn to the compost. Resulting in the most efficient muck removal process. The extensions are hydraulic folding and will fold down to a lower clearance of 6' 9".

Product Brochure

Capacity 1024 cu ft
DIN volume 660 cu ft(4 ton)
Pickup Width 5.41 ft
Maximum no. of knives 16
Knife spacing 3.31 inch
Loading area length 15.06 ft
Loading area width 5.12 ft
Platform Height 2.41 ft
Track Width 6.63 ft
Length 24.18 ft
Width 7.87 ft
Height 9.68 ft
Height folded down 6.92 ft
Standard Weight 5291 lbs
Tractor Size Min. of 50 HP